Wheel of Kwami Game with Miraculous Ladybug Tikki Plagg Trix Pollen

Hi everyone and welcome to Evie’s toy house today we’re playing Wheel of Kwamis Kwamis are magical creatures featured in miraculous ladybug who can grant powers to their miraculous holders. Today we have six kwamis Tikki, Plagg, Trixx, wayzz, Nooru and pollen. Do you know the names of all of their Miraculous holders comment below if you do before? We start if you enjoy watching videos like this, make sure to give this video a big thumbs up and also subscribe to play this game we’re going to spin the arrow and when it lands on a kwami, we’ll get a fun surprise. Are you ready?

Let’S get started and we landed on pollen and look pollens, miraculous holder showed up here. We have a custom doll of chloe and we also have queen bee e. So this is chloe transformed into queen bee with the help of pollen. Oh wow, we got a bee themed surprise.

This is from DC superhero girls and it is for bumble bee. So let’s take her out of the box and here’s bumblebee take a look at her and then she look gorgeous just take a look at her hair. Oh, my gosh and back here is her wing and of course she has a really cool superhero outfit. I think we’re ready for our next bin and we got Tikki and of course the maracas holder for Tikki is Marionette.

So here is her as a custom. Doesn’T she look super super cute and here’s her transformed version, ladybug look at her. She was a lot of fun to make oh and look there’s another surprise. What is this? This is a little pet shop and it’s called sweet drop shop featuring a ladybug here. Oh, how cute, let’s open this one up, so here’s a set path, take a look at this little ladybug here, oh my gosh.

This is so cute, so does the ladybug is pink with green eyes and a little antenna huh. The set also comes with a little pup. This is revelled Dalmatian pup, but it’s black and white, but it also has some pink spots and there’s a whole bunch of other accessories, so got a little bone here.

You got some lollipops. Look at this. The lollipops in green and pink, a little canister and some of these they’ll holders for those they’ll roll the rooms. This set also comes with two roller roots. This one is a little ladybug and this one is a little bean and it comes with this little trumping thing you spell cane, so you can drop them in there just like that, or you can actually stick them and to LD still holders.

Let’S pop the baby bug into the little baby book holder and look at this, we gave it a little body. We can take our lb friend here and put her in the purse. Oh, my gosh isn’t that cute right, that’s been again and we’ve stopped that no room and, of course the holder of the miraculous Nooru is Gabriel agreste.

So this is so. This is Adrien’s father. This is him looking normal, and this is him transformed.

So this is him as the evil hawkmoth and here’s our surprise. I wonder what it is. Let’S take a look it’s as magnetic sculptures.

I see butterflies, oh so this comes for the magnetic base and it comes with a bunch of butterflies. Oh, my gosh, this is kind of cool, these are butterflies and because some magnetic you can make those sculptures from it. I mean this is kind of cool. I wonder how tall we can make it. Oh look. You can actually build a pretty tall structure, oh wow, so this is a lot of fun.

This uses magnets, but at the same time, these butterflies are super colorful and pretty. And what I like about it is that that she really large that’s been again ah and we got wayyz and look it’s Nino and here is Nino as a custom. So in one of the episodes, Nino actually was a temporary maracas holder for ways. Look at him even has a little set of headphones here and here’s a surprise.

Look it’s a turtle, not just any turtle, it’s Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles. Let’S open this one up and see all the acessories and here is Michelangelo, look at him. He is super cool, he comes with a skateboard and he is fully articulated. So I can have him: do all sorts of things, including some ninja kicks or have him use his weapons have some lunch ucks here and a few other weapons?

Look at these. Oh my gosh. These are too funny.

One has a little boxing glove on the end and the other one seems pretty dangerous and of course, some ninja stars too. So this is really cool turn a little getting them. Oh, my gosh.

We have two more to go, so we have Plagg and tricks. Let’S go for a spin yay, we got tricks and, of course, the miraculous holder for tricks is alia, look at her. This is her custom. Looking super cool with her glasses on, and we also have her here as Rena Rouge.

Look at her. Doesn’T she look so cool for that foxtail? I love her hair too, and here’s her surprise.

So we got an enchant amaz doll. Oh, look! It’S a fox, so this is Felicity Fox and flick. Oh wow, and here she is, doesn’t she look gorgeous? What’S really cool about these dolls are their little face?

Mak! Just look at that. Oh my gosh. This is actually too cool, so she has blonde. Haired is actually kind of brown hair by little bit red and she has this really cute orange a Dressel and with flower prints all over it was she’s, so cute yeah and she comes with her dog tick box. This is the cutest dog ever I think, she’s almost as cute as trip all right.

Well, one more to go, that’s fine flag and we got like just early and, of course, part black. We got Adrian and cat noir, so here is Adrian’s custom and we also have cat noir just take a look at a big ol eyes and here’s your last surprise. Oh, look. It’S a large box of lost kitty. Oh my gosh! This is one of the large ones.

I love these. You can find 20 surprises in here. Alright, let’s get started and open this up.

Alright, you have a checklist, a little four pack container, a large pack pink pack, a brown pack and a white pack down here. All right, let’s start with this one, it’s gon na have to bail a wrapper on it. Then inside is a little confetti patch, let’s dig in there see we find the whole bag is back here. Look, it’s a golden!

Ah, oh my gosh. What is this? We got old God.

Oh my gosh. This is a sparkle series, so he’s got part of the series to actually super look. It’S faces inside a little clear Bowl. All oh my gosh.

This one is too cute. So let’s open up the brown one. Okay, let’s take a look yummy cat, Oh such a cool cat.

This is Eugene. Yes, those sunglasses on. Oh, my gosh pick it up pose here. Oh my gosh. This is Foley.

It’S eating the goldfish! Oh, my god. What a bad kitty! Oh dream on!

Oh professor Perkins look: this is one smart cat in court and oh a little blue cat, that’s sleeping so this one’s name is called napkin. Isn’T that such a cute name not kin? And of course you got me still cinco packs down here.

I think these are Leslie accessories. Oh my god! Oh oh, look! A mouse cell phone! Oh!

This is cute on the bottom and I think we got a purple tinkle. Oh goodness, that’s too funny you go purple! Pickles! Oh, look a double scooper! Ah, I could have used this. Let’S look at the other accessories that we got.

I think all we did was pull a cat earlier. Cuz we’re so excited, so here is about blue mouse and a little seashell under the pink one. We’Ve got. Oh a teddy bear under this brown one that we have LG ptarth. They take one that’ll come 51. We got a hamburger and other looks like popcorn, popcorn or berries all right everyone.

So I had a lot of fun today. I hope you guys did too. My favorite surprises are this enchanting moles, though, and also this cute through, though oh my gosh, this will golden cat with its face in the bowl.

I thought I was just adorable, so let me know down below in the comment section which surprise was your favorite. If you liked this video make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time, bye,