How to Play Blackjack – Doubling Down & Splitting

Okay here we go with an example hand for you. Three boxes being played, let’s deal the cards. 2, 10, 8, 4 for the house, oh a matching pair there. Right, in this scenario, we’ve got the chance to split. You can split any matching pair, it’s not compulsory, it’s up to you if you wish to or not.

Let’s do it in this case. We’ve got a pair of 2’s, we will put another stake down here and play them as two separate hands, doubling the chance to win. Let’s see what cards we get here, 7 and 9. Now we’ve spoken also about the opportunity in the game of Blackjack of Doubling Down. Now if your first two cards are worth a total of 11 or less you have the chance, if you wish to, to buy a card or to double down. In this case, you would double your initial bet here double down.

In this case you would double your initial bet here for one card only if you wish to. Let’s have a little look at the situation. You’ve got 9 here, I’m going to say we don’t double down at this stage, we’ll just take a card. So it’s a card here, your total goes to 19, that’s very very good.

Here on 11, I think that’s slightly better odds, it’s good strategy perhaps to take a card on 11, as a double down. So you’d have to again, put your bet down there, 4 chips in this case. One card only, doubling down.

And your total is 20. Moving across, 17, that’s a good hand to stand on. 11 is another opportunity, should you wish to, to double down. Let’s double down one more time and make this a very expansive hand.

There you go, you’ve doubled down in this scenario again one card only when you double, 19 is the total. At this stage, you finish your decision making, we come over to the house, the house will draw cards until 17. When the house reaches 17, there will be no more cards drawn.

8, 14, a perfect scenario, the dealer has bust. Fantastic! We go over 21, you get paid. Every single one of these bets is a winner.

A lovely scenario for you players. You’ve had splits, you’ve had doubles, every single bet is getting paid. That’s the perfect hand for you.