Gambling News from the Vegas Strip!

I interviewed the owner and CEO of the D Casino down on Fremont Street about the new sports books they have opening up at two of their properties… you’re going to want to stay tuned for that. But real quick I got my notes here instead of my teleprompter so let’s talk about what’s going on This Week in Gambling: The Nevada Gaming Commission has approved an online poker with first deposit bonus in Ireland online casino.

Some of you may be saying “well how is that significant to the gambling industry?” Well it’s as actually important because that means PartyPoker… yes, PartyPoker… is soon going to be making a return to Nevada. So if you live here that’s great news… if you’re just visiting, hey… have some fun… play some PartyPoker for real money. Just another brand and another expansion for the state and for the industry.

Speaking of expansion, it looks like West Virginia will be getting DraftKings on a mobile app very soon… like within the next two weeks. This is significant because, even though sports betting was approved in West Virginia a while back, it’s yet another choice, and another expansion for the state and for our industry. Also a few years ago some of you may remember this: Congress had considered lowering the threshold to tax slot winnings from like $1,200 down to like $600… if you adjusted that to like real-world numbers that would mean that the $1,200 way back when was more like…

I don’t know… four or five thousand dollars in today’s dollars. But they wanted to lower it to six hundred bucks. If you won six hundred on the slots you had to report that. Fortunately, there’s someone in the US Congress who has just introduced legislation that would raise the threshold for reporting slot winnings on your taxes to $5,000. That’s good stuff. So sit where you are stay tuned… we’ll be right back with our interview with the CEO and owner of The D casino on Fremont Street.

Hey, everyone… J Todd here in Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada… downtown. I’m here with Derek… Derek that that starts with a D doesn’t it? Like the famous casino, the D on the strip. Hey J great to talk to here today!

I’m just I’m so I’m so you know taken aback that the the owner of The D would be such a great guy to come down and talk to us on camera. We’re here at the Long Bar, which I’m going to be partaking of in a little while… and I was going to talk to you about what’s going on with sports betting in America, and how you guys are taking advantage of it. Now sports betting is growing huge… rapidly. I mean even here in Vegas, where it was already legal, you guys are still expanding. Yeah we’re we’re excited.

We have got our Sports Book license we open June 1st… we’re going to open June 1st at the Golden Gate.. couple weeks later we open at The D… and then we’ll be ready to go once the Circa Las Vegas resort comes online at the end of 2020. Okay, so you’re gonna have a brand new sports book here at The D in Las Vegas in 2019… but also at Golden Gate? You have Golden Gate… where we’re gonna open up here on a Saturday morning June 1st, a couple weeks later here (at The D)… and then we’ll be ready to go when we open up the new Resort.

Circle Las Vegas is the new resort we’re building on this site where the Las Vegas Club used to be. Circus Sports is our sports brand. So we’re gonna have a Circus Sports sports book at all of our different casinos around here.

So that’s our sports brand, and that’s what we’re opening up with here in just a week or so. Man! That sounds exciting!

And of course I drink for free, right? Well, yeah! Ya gotta make some plays! You’ll be all set! We’re gonna be pretty liberal about it. Alright… You’re such a great guy to come down and say hi to the viewers and come on camera with some schmuck like me.

I truly appreciate it, and you know I plan on being down at The D and at Golden Gate making some bets on the NFL… NFL’s coming this fall you know! We’re gonna have a great football contest coming up, we’re gonna guarantee a million dollars to the winner of our football contest, so it’s worth checking out here over the summer. So come on down to The D… come on down to Golden Gate… you check it out!

Alrighty! What if people were wondering if they could go into your website, maybe, and find that information on the sports book and your contests? Where would they go? Yeah if you go to you’ll be able to find it… you go to the Golden Gate website you’ll be able to find and all the information… it’s posted and gets you all the rules and everything like that… and it’s gonna be… it’s gonna be a heck of a initial year contest, so we’re excited about it. Awesome! Man, thank you so much!