Frequently Asked Questions about Playing Bingo Online Part 2

Do I lose my game if my connection to the Internet fails?
No. The Internet is not perfect! Sometimes your connection to the Internet can go down, and your game will be stopped right in the middle. Most of the bingo sites will track every play on their computer. If you lose your connection, then your details are stored on their computer. When you connect again you can return to where you were before, and continue the game. The sites all state that they will not take your money if you have a lost connection. Some of the sites do it a bit differently. They will keep the game going, and if you have a winning card they will give you the winnings.

Can I chat to the other players?
Most of the bingo sites have chat rooms where you can chat to the other people playing bingo with you.

Can I get money for referring friends?
Yes! Many of the bingo sites will give you bonus money for referring friends to the bingo site.

Can I play bingo and slots at the same time?
Yes, some of the sites such as AstroBingo will let you play slots and bingo at the same time.

Do I need to download software to play?
Some of the bingo sites require that you download software first before playing. For other sites you don’t have to download any software … the games just appear on your screen.

Is there always a winner? How much do you win?
There should always be a winner. Sometimes there is more than one winner, and then the prize money is shared between the winners. How much you win depends on how many cards were bought for the game. Some of the money from each card goes to the Top of the Hour game, the Top of the Day game and the Top of the Week game, and the Jackpot. (Not all the bingo sites have these categories, but these are just a few examples). So, if you win the jackpot, you can win quite a lot of money, up to $50,000!

Can I keep my winnings in my account? 
Yes, you can. You can keep the money in your account for as long as you like. You can also withdraw the money whenever you want to.

How long does a game last? 
Well, this varies depending on the bingo site. Some sites have 6 games per hour, and others have 12 games per hour.

Do I have to give my real name?
In order to receive the winnings you must give your correct name and address. However you can use a nickname when you are playing online so that nobody will know who you are.