Why Super Mario is Here to Stay


The new Super Mario game, Super Mario Run, recently released by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices, is already a smash hit. Cashing in on over three decades of Mario games and massive popularity, the new Mario game was bound to be a success. The game features the classic side-scrolling level design everyone knows and loves, but this isn’t the best part of the game. Instead, the best part of Super Mario Run is the new Toad Rally mode. Toad Rally is what will make Super Mario Run a lasting success.

What’s so great about the Toad Rally mode is that it provides a social aspect to what would otherwise be a single-player game. By letting you actually compete against other people, Nintendo is providing players with a sense of community. While Nintendo does provide a high scores system that you can use to compete with your friends, high scores can’t replace face-to-face competition. Granted the competition in Toad Rally is not in real time, but the unmistakably fun feeling of racing against another player is still there.

Seeing the ghost of the player you’re competing against running alongside you pushes you to do better and is an immense amount of fun. Additionally, putting Toads on the line with each race only adds to the excitement and will help to keep players hooked. Each run in Toad Rally is an exciting new challenge because each run is against a different player. Even after players complete the main levels, they will keep coming back to play Toad Rally and compete against other people. Toad Rally is going to be a large reason for why many people continue to play Super Mario Run as time goes on.

The inclusion of this game mode was a brilliant move by Nintendo. Without it, Super Mario Run would certainly retain fewer players and suffer as a result. Nintendo is looking to ensure the longevity of Super Mario Run; they want players to keep coming back. Not only would a successful Mario game be good for their bottom line, it would also be good for their image as a company.

Another successful Mario game will only strengthen Nintendo’s reputation among gamers. Toad Rally was the right way for Nintendo to make sure that their new Super Mario game succeed. Super Mario Run is going to be around for a long time because of this new game mode, and Nintendo is sure to benefit as a result.