Overwatch on Console: Frustratingly Juvenile

I’m going to go out there and say it:  I’d rather pay $10 per month for the chance to play some Overwatch minus the kids.  I mean, like 10 years old and below.

Look, I’m 41.  I know, I’m an old gamer…but I’m a gamer nonetheless.  The time that I have to play games these days is less and less.  The last thing I want to do during what precious little time that I have is to have to put up with an 8 year old kid who is shooting straight into the sky .  Look, I get that it’s supposed to be fun but it’s also a team based game where there are objectives…I want to win or at least have a team that communicates and tries to win.

Here’s a few other of my pet peeves:

Get on the damned point!

How can the POTG belong to a member of the losing team?  The POTG should be a great play that helped win the game.  Why is this a big deal? Because, said juveniles will often forego a win or a point or an objective just to get that POTG…regardless if the rest of the team dies or you lose.

The same pubescence that frequents quick play is also allowed to play competitive and really convince me that our country is doomed.  Why for the love of Odin do you not have a mic and headphones!

Loot Boxes are kind of old and stale already.  The special events are fun and I look forward to trying to get them again next year or, if not, then it was still fun to chase some skins.  But what now? 99% of what I open these days is duplicate and the only real things I want are the Reinhardt Wujing skin.  So, when’s the next Year of the Rooster?

For the love of Zeus….GET ON THE POINT!!

How does matchmaking work?  Why am I getting paired with a level 28 and level 64 against a level 234 and 999?  WTF

Those are just a few of my pet peeves.  Please, feel free to tell me that I’m a miserable old man or that I’m off my rocker on this one in the comments below.