Recipe for Successful Gambling

The primary factor for successful gambling is pre-selling. Whether you are gambling online or offline, it is important that you pre-sell your mind to the fact that you are going to leave the table with more money than you first started with. In my opinion, 

Your mind set should not be ridden with guilt of maybe having lost in the past. You are playing for now and trying to make money for the future. It is the future that matters and it is the future you can change.

But, having said that, it is also essential to be realistic about money matters and your wants without being too greedy. Winning while gambling at Oncasinogames Canada should always be a want, a desire to do something you enjoy and never degenerate into a ‘need’. If you are needy and greedy, you will lose objectivity and focus and ultimately fail.

Positive thinking is a must while gambling. Believe in yourself and that you will win at the end of the day. Imagine the profits and the money you will make when its all over. Be focused on the game and the money will come to you.

Most importantly, learn to relax and enjoy the game. Ultimately, whatever is meant for you will come your way if it has to. You have done the pre selling, got your mind set towards positive thinking and now you have to simply trust and believe in the powers above.

The recipe for successful gambling is to pre-sell to your subconscious mind, an image you desire, with the help of your thoughts and emotions. Believe in yourself and think positively. And you will rarely ever fail.

Bingo is primarily a game of chance and there is little you can do to predict the outcome in the game. Below is a compilation of bingo tips given by veteran bingo players to increase your chances of winning and having an enjoyable experience.

Play only as many cards as you can watch and monitor.

Use your dabber lightly; do not bang it on the board as it may tend to leak.

To win more coveralls, try to come in early and get the first set of paper cards issued. On busy nights managers stock the counter with plenty of cards. The top ones usually are the lowest free space number cards. Check the next coverall for yourself and look at the flashboard.

How to Play Blackjack – Doubling Down & Splitting

Okay here we go with an example hand for you. Three boxes being played, let’s deal the cards. 2, 10, 8, 4 for the house, oh a matching pair there. Right, in this scenario, we’ve got the chance to split. You can split any matching pair, it’s not compulsory, it’s up to you if you wish to or not.

Let’s do it in this case. We’ve got a pair of 2’s, we will put another stake down here and play them as two separate hands, doubling the chance to win. Let’s see what cards we get here, 7 and 9. Now we’ve spoken also about the opportunity in the game of Blackjack of Doubling Down. Now if your first two cards are worth a total of 11 or less you have the chance, if you wish to, to buy a card or to double down. In this case, you would double your initial bet here double down.

In this case you would double your initial bet here for one card only if you wish to. Let’s have a little look at the situation. You’ve got 9 here, I’m going to say we don’t double down at this stage, we’ll just take a card. So it’s a card here, your total goes to 19, that’s very very good.

Here on 11, I think that’s slightly better odds, it’s good strategy perhaps to take a card on 11, as a double down. So you’d have to again, put your bet down there, 4 chips in this case. One card only, doubling down.

And your total is 20. Moving across, 17, that’s a good hand to stand on. 11 is another opportunity, should you wish to, to double down. Let’s double down one more time and make this a very expansive hand.

There you go, you’ve doubled down in this scenario again one card only when you double, 19 is the total. At this stage, you finish your decision making, we come over to the house, the house will draw cards until 17. When the house reaches 17, there will be no more cards drawn.

8, 14, a perfect scenario, the dealer has bust. Fantastic! We go over 21, you get paid. Every single one of these bets is a winner.

A lovely scenario for you players. You’ve had splits, you’ve had doubles, every single bet is getting paid. That’s the perfect hand for you.

How To Count Cards with the Blackjack Apprenticeship Training Course

Hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you a smarter gambler. My name is Steve Bourie and on the author of the American casino guide, number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with over one thousand dollars in casino coupons. If you want to know more about our book, be sure to visit our website at and if you have a smartphone or tablet be sure to download our free app just go to the App Store or the Google Play, Store and search for American casino guide. In this video American casino guide associate editor Matt Bourie learns how to count cards at the blackjack apprenticeship training course in Las Vegas.

Matt is a novice player who attended the course to learn about card counting from former professional blackjack players and to see if they wanted to pursue it further Matt explains what the course was like and his thoughts on what he learnt. Following that, there is an interview with American casino guide: author, Steve Bourie and Colin Jones, who is a cofounder at the blackjack apprenticeship training course hi. I’M Matt Bourie associate editor of the American casino guide and in January 2015 I had the chance to attend the Blackjack apprenticeship training course in Las Vegas. This is a course designed by Ben Crawford and Colin Jones to former professional blackjack players from 2006 to 2009 ran a card counting team that won millions of dollars. The team was very unique because it consisted primarily of members at their church in a documentary was made about their exploits.

The movie was called Holy Rollers, the true story of card counting christians and it’s currently available on Netflix, as well as DVD after several years.

The success they decided to disband the team but they’re both still active in the training of new players and teaching them how to become better at the game of blackjack with their website blackjack apprenticeship, dot com several times a year. They all sold the workshop for players to help them hone their card counting skills to gain an advantage over the casino. I was invited to take the beginner’s course and I was eager to attend because I was familiar with the concept of counting cards, but I don’t really know the details of how you put in the use in a casino plus.

I know several professional card counters and I always wondered what their jobs and tailed. So what follows is a video showing a bit of what I learned at the blackjack apprenticeship training program and my thoughts about the course following. That is an interview that my dad Steve maury did with Colin Jones about the course and his goals for the students to start off.

They handed out booklets that included notes of what would be discussed during the class, as well as basic strategy, charts and also index numbers. Occasionally, when account gets very high or very low, you need to deviate from basic strategy and the index numbers tell you when and if you need to do this. After that, we had to introduce ourselves, we had to say our name where we’re from and why we are taking the course. A lot of the people taking a course said that they didn’t like their current jobs and wanted to quit then and count cards for a living. I’Ve always heard that this is a very unrealistic goal and that thought was more or less echoed by Ben in college. After we introduced ourselves, Ben and Colin told us their story, they told us how they started with just the two of them in a few thousand dollars and ended up with a team of over 20 people winning millions of dollars in the casinos.

The next thing we did was go over the agenda for the day, which was very full the course lasted a full eight hours. They then went on to explain EV, which is also known as expected value, and that is how card counters determine how much money they should be making throughout the day. Another thing they discussed was that there’s two types: blackjack players, those that play for fun and those that play to make money and we have to decide which of those we are gon na, be they said that professional players got their fun out of making money, whereas Most people in a casino just play for fun. Another thing we went over was they gave us are a few tips on how to practice at home. Before we went into the casino to bed any real money, then they went over.

What I thought was the most important thing every day that you should never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose financially or mentally. The next part of the course was the first dealing session is when we all sat down on an actual blackjack table and they dealt out. Cards gave us chips and we tested out what we knew. The first then call went over this dealing session was how to calculate the running count in the true count, and this is a process that that we will do it every single hand, and we want you guys to leave knowing this process, which is running divisor. True, after everything, ok and I’m gon na say running and you’ll say what the running count is.

I selected a running count as sex and divisor. That means having Dexter left of 85. So what future count if you’re, a music supervisors, 5 %, want next he explained. I we should change our bets based on the true count. So if you have a true one, he should bat two chips get richer to shabad.

What three tips truth read that poor chips: 34. So true for you that a I’ve chips and then sure if I’ve been above in bed, 6 chips, so this would be your the highest you need about. You need to keep going up forget about the trip 5 K, so whatever that you can issue get out one more unit than the trick out. This isn’t really what you might use while playing in a casino.

This will be a good way to find out how your trigger you know what you think the true counties before I took this course. One thing I didn’t know is when you should actually start counting cards. I always thought that you should start as soon as the dealer deals the first card, but what they explain to me was it’s much easier said.

Wait until the dealer has given everyone their first card and once he deals the first person their second card. That is when you should start counting after that was explained to me. It made it so much easier to be able to keep track of what the running count was, and the divisor and getting the true can’t. The part that I found the most difficult actually was estimating how many decks were in the discard ray. I think I was wrong pretty much every time they told us to guess all day after the first dealing session calling went over a few ways to maximize your EV are expected value when playing blackjack summer. Those things included the bedspread, meaning how loader make your bed when the count is low or how high you should make your bed when the Count II, nothing he went over, was the initial house edge of the game.

What are some things that affect the casinos edge penetration? Good? What else the rules he asked?

The Standard Heating saw seventeen. Yet if you can tell us where we split all those things number DAX, the most important thing they went over to maximize your EV is penetration or how far back to dealer puts the cut card. It’S better to go further back, because the further back to cut card is the more you know about. The remaining cards in the deck most interesting part of the day was only got a visit from tommy hyland, one of the most successful blackjack players of all time. Tommy’S been running card counting team, since the early eighties and they’ve won millions of dollars. Unfortunately he did not want is videotaping him, so we don’t have any footage.

Is that, but he did answer any questions that anyone had, and I told us some very interesting stories. For instance, he had been kicked out of the casinos in atlantic city so many times that he went during Christmas, dressed as Santa Claus to try and count cards to disguise himself, but he ended up getting kicked out anyways after that they went over a few more Things such as how to build a blackjack team and how to camouflage yourself while you’re in a casino, but we had to leave a little early. So again, we didn’t get to see that a lot of people first with me said that they wanted to become professional card counters and play blackjack for a living.

I honestly think that they could do that with all the information that we learned in this course me. On the other hand, I just thought that I could play blackjack on the side and count cards and make a little bit extra money, but after realizing how much time and effort I would have to put into it to do it correctly, I’m just not sure it Was worth it for me for those who are interested make sure you stay tuned for an interview between my dad, Steve, maury and Colin Jones about some goals colin has for his students in the course at more information for anyone interested in taking it Colin, you and Ben have been involved in blackjack for a while. Now, can you explain that how this all started yeah on we, I think I was right at a college, twenty years old in bed and read some book about how to make a hundred thousand dollars a year gambling at a three-page section on card counting, and I Thats and doable, he told me about it, we started we buy stanford won works arrest. We start small, a couple thousand back to grit into at one point where tea, with million, are bankrolling and played every every level between and how many people were on your team.

You obviously you what you were successful. Did you have a lot of people under Kim yeah? I would say probably forty or fifty people cycle through, but it was really kind of work or about I five to 10 people that their kinda make much money and we’re on. You know for most the time I’m well today we’re here in Las Vegas wan na hear black jacket, blue captives and my son matt is taking your your boot camp to learn to be a better blackjack player. Yeah can can explain, what’s involved in and absolutely so. We do this about three times a year and we take about 10 people a, and you know we want people that have already been through our training online got as far as they can on their own, but we want to help people get you know as to To the next level, whatever that means and what things we learned, we were training.

Is you don’t know you don’t? So we thought we were good at blackjack anyway, we actually were that was involved with another marketing team on and they Kenneth knows. The back is, you know today this kid’s pretty good by that they, you know said he would you be able to do XOM some trips with us, and so he had to go through triggers chain process. He failed their initial test outs in. He thought he was good, but it wasn’t as good as it could be. That’S the same experience I had and so years of people that it’s hard to train yourself to something you know it may be hard to be come out grated instrument without some instruction urs someone say you do these things wrong here.

So up to camp is our opportunity to do that, and you know we’ve had it quite a number people come through that are now playing professionally or or as a hobby or just for fun. Now is the boot camp director that the novice player or sit directly to a more advanced by we’re much more excited about someone once said: do this to make money it’ll, there’s always a big scare people that show up I and that the information is valuable, whether Or not this or professional by that you know we’re most excited I’ll pick, people actually P and what what would you say is the the biggest problem up this students that you have to to come to your your classes? There’S one thing that you find you you focus on the most that they’re lacking in yeah. I’M there’s a couple things. One is how to think about card counting up in a lot of people. There there’s a very different way that we think that a gambler thinks and helping people think differently about the game.

Think differently about how they approach the game. That’S the first hurdle as advanced play it. He is all you know, and it’s not a you know.

If of so it it differently, any you got ta get out, see that seeing United life fires, he all are K, it’s more like a and Jeff. So for most people. Yes, here, usually whole your head out holiday and Jesse fired. The second is just that the actual skills and it takes people a lot more time in Pakistan. They expect and people think they’re pretty good at that. You know they’re really, not all that good and that you know it’s not as hard as becoming at doctor or a lawyer computer programmer.

But it’s not something that you can just practice for a couple hours. They are at the ready to go pee. The casino. Are you actually really up to have to masters skills, so I think the boot camp really help people realize okay, I put some work in, but I still have this. You know this far to go with you.

Would you say that all of the students second day take your class are going to go on to be successful card? Counter that I by then I could? Maybe you can explain. Yeah problems are involved that they don’t do that yeah. Well, a one thing to talk about is why people are getting into it and a lot of people, I’m they like playing blackjack and they wan na you know play it better. I would say that person will, you know, maybe the loose last money at the casino that make they make it with a break even but actually being without a successful at it.

A you know yet takes takes a unique person. That’S really what you put in the amount of time: training it takes. Provoke people wan na, learn more about your your blackjack boot camp as well as your other programs. Are you have for people to become better blackjack players? Where would they do that?

You could put all that stuff on our website and you really have a growing community car carriers every every step. We have Unohana for me plenty of professionals as well as people they’re learning. That’S that’s free, find out everything we have that weekly newsletter for free that people can get on the email list and we share.

You know stories, it casino news. It recent back hurt and development all that stuff, alright column, Colin Jones, thanks very much for spending time with us. Yet. Thank you. Don’T forget that you can see more of our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel just go to YouTube dot com, slash American casino guide;

How to Play Roulette – Outside Bets & Column Bets

Hi, I’m Martin from lucky nugget casino nz. This time, I’m gonna run you through how to play Roulette at lucky nugget casino nz, some strategies, some basic principles of the game and a little bit of history as well along the way. The game of Roulette then. What we have here; Roulette wheel with 37, 37 different numbers, the 0 and all the numbers through to 36. And what we’re gonna be doing, is teaching you and showing you all the different betting scenarios in the game of Roulette.

Now Roulette is a game of chance, it’s also, what I always say, it’s a game of risk and reward and I will teach you the risky bets, I’ll teach you the in-between bets and I’ll teach you the very very safe bets as well. In the game of Roulette, you can play riskily, or you can play a little bit more aggressive, let’s look at the very safe bets first, these are the outside chances. Outside chances mean, that by placing a chip on maybe 1-18, or maybe red, or maybe odd numbers, you’re giving yourself 18 of the different numbers on the Roulette Wheel here, 18 of the 37 different scenarios will be winning ones for you. Obviously, that’s not a very big risk, so we don’t give you the biggest of rewards at lucky nugget casino nz.

If you look here, low numbers, 1 to 18, if the number, it’s in the wheel at the moment it’s 15, You bet four chips, you win four chips. it’s as simple as that. If you bet again, if it’s a black number, if you bet 3 chips on black, black comes in, you double it up. It’s as simple as that.

The only thing to watch out for when you do these outside bets, they’re very safe bets, but the 0 is not a winning bet on the outside chances. Lower risk, lower return, a nice way to start playing the game of Roulette at lucky nugget casino nz is the low risk bets. The outside chances we call them, 18 numbers in your favour, you get paid even money and double your winnings if you have a winning return on the wheel. Following on then from those outside chances where you bet 18 numbers with one chip, The next least risky way of playing, fairly safe, is to do something like this; it’s called a dozen, or the cousin of the dozen, which is the column bets that run up the table.

Now, by doing these bets, what you’re doing is you’re giving yourself 12 of the different numbers on the wheel in your favour. In this case, there it is, first 12, very much self-explanatory.

You’re betting all the numbers here 1 to 12, If you’re gonna do the column bets, the column bets here run all up the table, the twelve numbers that run up the table there. If you have a winning chip, a little bit more risky than betting 18 numbers on the outside, you’re only betting on 12 this time, so we’re gonna pay you a little bit more, rather than being payed once, when you bet a dozen you get a triple return if you’re a winner. Again, on the column there, each one you bet, you win two more.

Betting the columns, betting the dozens, 12 numbers in your favor. If you win you get payed at 2/1 odds.

How to choose the gambling hall website Part 2

Do not hesitate to call their toll free user support line if only in order to check that it`s operational. Perhaps you want to test response time to customer assistance questions before you risk your cash. Generally, support employees will be available twenty-four/seven.

Other Issues of Interest:
All betting hall website brands run promotions. However, it`s valuable to read any fine print section to say how beneficial the promo truly is. Normally, the offers are very good. You should remember to examine all betting hall Rules and Conditions. The features are typically beneficial and the gambling sites are not trying to fool you. However, you ought to be aware that certain promotional offers are not as good as they look at first glance.

Once more, read all Rules and Restrictions and ensure you comprehend them.
Furthermore, ensure you`re able to put down real cash before you decide on your betting room website. US citizens, Canadians, Danes and residents of Eastern Europe and Russia might be barred from the gaming room.

Check to see if the on-line gaming web-site is functioning appropriately. If not, how will you be certain the gaming program will? Check another gambling hall.

Online betting room payout rates: Typically, how much does the casino return to gamblers when one hundred US$ has been wagered? This should be a minimum of 95 USD (ninety-five percent) or more.

Understand the rules concerning on line gaming room promos. Nearly all wagering hall brands offer gambling promotions to new users and a few to returning users as well. Nevertheless, there are limits on the amount that the bonus may be. For example, if they offer they will apply a twenty percent bonus to your initial deposit, make certain you check whether or not there is a limit to the quantity upon which the incentive can be applied. Ensure that you are playing casino activities that the bonuses cover, or otherwise any incentive activity may be forfeited.

How to choose the gambling hall website

The monograph covering the gambling casinos field brings up the most effective matters of the topic of online gambling. It is separated into novice, intermediate then advanced levels.

Before you choose the gambling hall website, you ought to attempt to understand just what you are looking for in a online gambling site. Are you searching for another new player casino promotion – or are you looking for a online betting hall possessing the best sots? Others may favor online betting hall featuring the highest pay rates. For some, it is the look and feel of on line wagering room computer software that is the more significant thing. I personally prefer wagering site that offer multi-player sessions in which I am able to chat with other gamblers. Other people possess a particular favorite casino game they are looking for when choosing online gambling hall.

Make sure wagering hall computer software was created by a reliable internet betting room software supplier. Be cautious of betting room website who employ software that is not common or otherwise up to par with the business standard. There are many software providers out there – It can be difficult to keep track of them all. However, there are several that are very worthwhile.

You ought to play only at online wagering room that is certified by a jurisdiction that offers betting certification. You ought to know that many online gambling room website brands slide through the cracks lacking a true license. A way in order to check whether they are certified or not is to find out what software they`re running. That is because betting hall website can`t receive certification if they do not show the kind of software they use in the site. Any of the online gambling hall brands using computer software supplied by bigger gaming computer software brands hold a license since a software manufacturer simply will not offer gaming computer software to on line betting hall if they don`t hold a proper license to run a betting site.

You ought to check and see if there`s a telephone # for you to call if you run into troubles. Find out whether gaming room website offers real-time chat assistance or if user support will be handled solely via email. The wagering room you should rather play on would provide many comfortable ways in order to get in touch with them.

The top five internet wagering room gambling tips

In this article we supply the top five internet wagering room gambling tips that surely assist:

1. Bear in mind the Local Law on behalf of web-based betting: All of us are noticing a given info that executing wagering is in opposition to the regulations within given states. Well, such rule shall be reckoning almost certainly if wagering is processed on-line. Always bear in mind that wagering should not be illegal within your region previously to initiate wagering web-based betting. In that condition, while you are not sure about the law, then immediately get in contact with your proper institutions who are handling gambling.

2. Be familiar with the betting room website which you are gambling with: Do check for the betting hall license prior to join the internet-based wagering session. Read all on the internet gambling hall who you are willing to sing up for. Merely attend to the site which is owned by the wagering hall website itself and browse all of the particulars and likewise find the legal license to be in charge of an online gambling establishment. Read any similar instructions as well as info offered on every wagering hall website website at the “About Us” sheet. Be aware of the true proprietor of the web-site and how they are regular to operate all of their financial matters. A stand-up and likewise dependable on line gaming room will by all means let you with the necessary data on their own web site.

3. Be Aware of the Payout option for you: Try hard to find out how the on line gaming hall pays out your gains. Are they indicting a fee for being lucky and likewise earning big sum or otherwise doing it in variable transaction methods? The minority of gaming sites pays back prize money of up to 5000 dollars per week. Therefore if you`re a gambling big, avoid this kind of establishments.

4. Don`t be Ashamed to Wager on Gratis online gambling hall games: Yet there are some traditional internet gambling halls which shall support a free test mode for playing on the internet. By all means decide to gamble on-line without paying. Existing must be no reason to put down cash at the first gaming room which you`re encountering. Be ready to use free of charge online games in order to see exactly on their deals and also what to look out for.

5. Find the best Customer Service: Prior to risk money in web betting room website it is at all times advised to try out and likewise come across to learn everything concerning the client support. How rapidly they are to give response if you face problem? Are they there? Or simply a call to say hi!!! Try out the same. Actually seek telephone numbers and likewise electronic mail info within the gaming hall website web page, so you could ensure that customer help to instruct you online is provided at telephone any day and hour of the week and likewise all along the year, and likewise by email replies are in no more than a few hours of any day and hour of the week. It will be remarkable in case any gambling room website internet site offers real time support conversation online with the clientele. Try out live talking in order to obtain more data concerning the on line gambling room or just compose an e-mail and examine the time limit for the reply mail. Are they taking time to write back? You will get the answer yourself as whom to opt.

List of the most popular online casino games

The following textual item covering the matter of more gambling casinos games is going to deal with some of the field`s principal benefits as well as facets. It is going to further highlight a number of exact issues which can sometimes offer lucid advantages to you.
There`s an extensive variety of onling wagering hall kinds at which you may bet. Some of them are based on JAVA code and may be operated without downloading any other software with the internet browser, and also others might call for for you to download additional plug-ins.
One of the main advantages of online gambling games is the large number of extra benefits that the most excellent wagering room betting games promise. A number of the betting sites might pay you prizes straight off the bat so that you might enter their best games over the internet. Still others wish you to make deposits first in order to receive extra benefits, which might be either a predetermined amount you are given for a definite credit or alternatively a proportion of your own deposit transferred to your user credit.
The reason that Online Casinos can give the extra benefits are merely as they have a significantly more modest operating cost. Less people, fewer items of physical equipment, and of course no construction needed. Plus also, the majority of online wagering hall force you to wager your initial credit (plus usually your extra benefits too) as a minimum three times over before you have the option to get your money.
Speaking about the safety, probably the most imperative aspect of on-line wagering is exactly this. It should be admitted that whether gambling site is secure or otherwise not, is up to the online gambling hall itself. Unfortunately, it`s known that you are still bound to find web-based crooks in disguise who are hunting for an instant kill, yet the optimistic piece of information is that they`re just a drop in the ocean. The majority of today`s wagering room is honest, of a respectable reputation and pays in a well-timed manner.
The majority of on line betting room provide a rather good variety of betting games. As a minimum, you should be able to come across blackjack, roulette and also the game of baccarat over the internet; lots of online betting room include additional table gambling games like Craps, Caribbean Stud, Red Dog, even Three-Card Poker and also Casino War – however every now and then the names might somewhat vary.
Video poker is definitely one of the best-liked gambling games that are commonly accepted as the most excellent gambling game on the web.
Whereas some casinos merely have a small number of adaptations of video poker, the most reputable on line gaming room might provide up to 15 versions, and also some even provide a multi hand adaptation of the best game over the web.
Plus of course we must not forget slot machines: hundreds, possibly even thousands, of various slot machines. No matter whether it`s bonus gambling games, progressives, you name it, and wagering hall definitely have it somewhere on the internet. The top variant out of slot gambling machines is the progressive slot machine gambling game, which usually pays better – and also hits more regularly – than the progressive games in Vegas.
All of internet betting room games are not difficult to learn – usually just two clicks – and you will play them as fast as in offline casinos. A number of betting games are designed for a single player whereas some are multi player; yet after you take a coffee break, or otherwise maybe take out your dog, there shall surely be a free seat for you whenever you come back.
So good fortune and hopefully your winnings will be large ones!

Frequently Asked Questions about Playing Bingo Online Part 2

Do I lose my game if my connection to the Internet fails?
No. The Internet is not perfect! Sometimes your connection to the Internet can go down, and your game will be stopped right in the middle. Most of the bingo sites will track every play on their computer. If you lose your connection, then your details are stored on their computer. When you connect again you can return to where you were before, and continue the game. The sites all state that they will not take your money if you have a lost connection. Some of the sites do it a bit differently. They will keep the game going, and if you have a winning card they will give you the winnings.

Can I chat to the other players?
Most of the bingo sites have chat rooms where you can chat to the other people playing bingo with you.

Can I get money for referring friends?
Yes! Many of the bingo sites will give you bonus money for referring friends to the bingo site.

Can I play bingo and slots at the same time?
Yes, some of the sites such as AstroBingo will let you play slots and bingo at the same time.

Do I need to download software to play?
Some of the bingo sites require that you download software first before playing. For other sites you don’t have to download any software … the games just appear on your screen.

Is there always a winner? How much do you win?
There should always be a winner. Sometimes there is more than one winner, and then the prize money is shared between the winners. How much you win depends on how many cards were bought for the game. Some of the money from each card goes to the Top of the Hour game, the Top of the Day game and the Top of the Week game, and the Jackpot. (Not all the bingo sites have these categories, but these are just a few examples). So, if you win the jackpot, you can win quite a lot of money, up to $50,000!

Can I keep my winnings in my account? 
Yes, you can. You can keep the money in your account for as long as you like. You can also withdraw the money whenever you want to.

How long does a game last? 
Well, this varies depending on the bingo site. Some sites have 6 games per hour, and others have 12 games per hour.

Do I have to give my real name?
In order to receive the winnings you must give your correct name and address. However you can use a nickname when you are playing online so that nobody will know who you are.

Frequently Asked Questions about Playing Bingo Online Part 1

If you’ve never played bingo on the Internet before, you might have some questions about how it works. See if you can find the answer on this page!

How do I collect my winnings?
Jackpot prizes are deposited directly into your account every time you win a game. For games where there is more than one winner the jackpots are shared evenly amongst all the winners of a game. To withdraw the money you simply make a request to the bingo site and they will send you the money … usually they will send it by mail, but it varies for each site.

How much do people win when playing bingo online?
Every day people win thousands of dollars. Some of the jackpots reach up to $50,000.

How much do the cards cost? Can I play for free?
They usually cost 25 cents, but they can cost anywhere from 5 cents to one dollar or more. Some sites will allow you to play for free for a certain number of games, before actually depositing money.

How do I deposit money?
To put money in your account you normally need to use a credit card. Some of the bingo sites will let you use other ways to deposit money such as PayPal, FirePay, Neteller or Western Union. However, you will usually need a credit card to deposit money.

Can I trust putting my credit card online?
All the companies in the Best Bingo Sites directory use a secure server for credit cards. The sites have VeriSign approval which means that the information is encrypted and protected against hackers.

Who can participate?
To play Bingo online you must be 18 years or older. You must give your correct contact details with address, name etc. If you don’t put your correct details you might not be able to receive your prizes! Usually, to receive your prizes they will mail them to your address.

Is there are minimum or a maximum that I can deposit?
Most of the online Bingo sites have both a minimum and a maximum that you can deposit. The minimum is usually $20 or $25 and the maximum is usually around $500. Some sites will let you deposit more than $500 but you need to provide proof of identification.

How do I know the game is not fixed?
These bingo sites state that they have been independently audited to confirm that the game is fair and true. The cards are dealt by a random number generator. The sites also make sure that staff and family members are not allowed to play the games.